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Below is a list of Vinyl Siding Manufacturers, their Also Known As (A.K.A.) names and their websites.
NOTE: if you do not see the "Manufacturer" you are looking for - more than likely it is a "pseudo" Manufacturer which is quite common with virtually all consumer products.

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Manufacturer A.K.A. Website(s)
Alcoa Mastic Vinyl Siding no longer functional
Associated Materials Inc. Alside, Inc.,
Gentek Building Products
Sears Home Improvement Products Corp.
Certainteed Corporation Ashland-Davis Vinyl Siding,
Wolverine Vinyl Siding
Vytec url fwd
Crane Performance Siding Crane Performance Siding
Amazing Plank Amazing Siding
no longer functional
Heartland Building Products, Inc.
no longer functional
LP Specialty Products ABTCO Vinyl Siding
Is LP up to thier old tricks?
It's confusing to figure out who owns what.
LP sold their vinyl siding to KP Building Products but who owns them?
no longer makes vinyl siding
Mitten Inc.
Nailite International, Inc.
no longer functional
Owens Corning Essentials,
Perfect Choice Products, LLC
no longer functional
Resource Materials Corporation url fwd
Rollex Corporation
Royal Building Products Royal Group
The Foundry
no longer functional
Variform, Inc. Napco,
Georgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding ,
Chateau Vinyl Siding,
Durabuilt Corp. Site duplicate

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